Compliance Officer

Zakiyah Madarikan

Zakiyah has built an already impressive career in compliance, and makes a fantastic addition to Enness’ Compliance team.

Having graduated from university with a degree in Law, Zakiyah has held a vast number of compliance roles. She has worked for the likes of Lloyds, RBS, and MoneyGram, after learning her trade at the Financial Ombudsman Service.

After six years in the financial compliance sphere, Zakiyah has worked hard to achieve further qualifications such as a Diploma in Fraud Management and Awareness, a Diploma in Internal Audit, as well as certificates in Compliance and Data Protection. She is a born problem solver, and relishes a challenge.

Outside of the compliance world, Zakiyah loves to paint. She recently spent two weeks painting murals on the walls of a local orphanage. She is keen to improve on her skill, and so is currently attending some interesting evening life drawing classes.