Head of Client Relations

Blaine Grobler

Blaine joined Enness in June 2017, bringing his customer service wisdom with him.

Originally hailing from the east coast of South Africa, Blaine has resided in SW London for the last 20 years. His professional career has been built within property companies, spanning a successful career with the likes of Foxtons and Hamptons. Cutting his teeth in Business Development Manager and Client Services Manager roles, Blaine is looking to improve the accuracy and experience of how Enness interacts with its clients in his role as Head of Client Relations. By creating innovative internal processes and procedures, he hopes that Enness client relationships will become repeat custom due to the quality of service that the company delivers.

Outside of work, ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ is Blaine’s mantra. He runs a small elite fitness circuit class once a week, pushing his trainees to their physical limits as they squat, lunge and press in weighted vests. Blaine is at his happiest when snowboarding in the winter. With Whistler and Blackcomb on his doorstep when he lived in Vancouver, it’s not hard to see where his passion came from!