Product of the week: high loan to value mortgage up to £3million

It is sometimes perceived that high net worth clients who are looking to purchase properties in a higher price bracket don’t need to take out large mortgages, but this is not the case. In our experience, many such clients are in fact searching for a high loan to value mortgage (LTV) because they are keen to maintain their liquidity, and would prefer not to have their wealth tied up in their property.

Many of our high net worth clients, for example, are eager to purchase property with a high loan to value mortgage so they can channel their wealth into the ongoing growth of their business. Alternatively, if you are expecting a large bonus, you may wish to use a smaller deposit now and pay down more later. Fortunately, this is a speciality of Enness, and we are confidently able to cater for such clients. As an additional bonus, we also have access to exclusive products which are only available through intermediaries such as ourselves.

This week’s product of the week is an example of this—a residential first charge mortgage available for loans up to £3million at 90% LTV. This product offers a 2-year discounted variable rate of 3.84%, and is available to a range of clients looking for a high loan to value mortgage. If you require flexibility, this product has no early repayment charges (ERCs).

  • 3.84%
  • 2-year discounted variable rate
  • 90% LTV
  • No ERCs

We have a very close relationship with this lender, which allows us direct contact with underwriters to ensure the finer details of your case are understood and accounted for. Furthermore, if you move to a new house, this mortgage can be transferred.

If this sounds like a suitable product for you, please do get in touch. I have a track record of working successfully with this lender, having recently secured terms for this product for a client purchasing a £1million property with a £100,000 deposit. I would be delighted to assist you secure a high loan to value mortgage.

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