Natwest cuts 5 year fixed rate mortgages

Natwest has announced it will be cutting rates on a selection of its existing 5-year residential fixed rate deals, across both residential purchase and remortgage mortgage products.

For residential purchase deals, 5 year fixed rates at 60% loan to value (LTV) will now be reduced to 2.25% with a £995 product fee, 2.53% up to 70% LTV and 2.63% up to 75% LTV – both also with a £995 product fee. Products at 80% LTV will also be reduced to 2.74% or 3% up to 80% LTV with a £995 product fee.

Despite this, the lender has also slightly raised rates on some alternative products, however, including its first time buyer residential mortgage at 90% LTV, now at 3.65% with no product fee. This also applies to Natwest’s help to buy fixed rate products at 95% LTV, which will see an increase to 3.99% for a 2 year fixed rate mortgage with no product fee. The lender’s 5-year fix at 95% LTV will also rise to 4.69%.

Finally, Natwest’s 90% LTV products for residential house purchase or remortgage will also see rate rises on a selection of 2 year fixed rates, now starting from 2.5% to 2.6% with a £995 product fee.

As far as 5 year fixed rates are concerned, Accord Mortgages has also reduced rates by 0.15% on a selection of its own 5 year fixed rate mortgages. This includes a 2.64% 5-year mortgage deal with a £845 fee, which is also on offer to borrowers with a 15% deposit for both purchase and remortgage.

A rate of 2.74% is equally available for borrowers with a £845 fee, £250 cashback on completion and free standard valuation for home purchases, or free standard valuation and legal fees for customers remortgaging.

Accord will be offering products up to 80% LTV with a 5 year fixed rate at 2.49% and an £845 product fee and incentives, which also includes £250 cashback on completion, free standard valuation for house purchase, as well as free standard valuation and legal fees for remortgages.

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