Ipswich Building Society mortgages refreshed

Ipswich Building Society has refreshed rates across a selection of its product range this week, as well as reducing its previous 2 year discounted deal from 2.79% to 2.59%. The product is now available for mortgages up to 90% loan to value (LTV) and comes with a £199 application fee, an £800 completion fee, a 50% overpayment facility and early repayment charges of just 1% for 2 years from the completion date.

Not only this, the lender has also cut its 2 year fixed rates up to 90% LTV from 3.09% to 2.89% for purchase and remortgages up to £350,000. An additional 2 year fixed rate is now available at 3.75% (from 3.95%) up to 90% LTV for purchase and remortgage loans up to £750,000 and includes a 50% overpayment facility and 3% early repayment charges until 2018.

Two of Ipswich’s existing deals have also been extended, including a 2 year discount at 3.79% up to 95% LTV and a large-loan 2 year discount product at 3.59% up to 90% LTV. Both of these have an extended end date of 2 years from completion than the previously set 31 December 2017.

Continuing to offer a diverse choice of products to home-buyers, these latest products from the lender are aimed more specifically at younger home-owners, although this hasn’t stopped them from refreshing the range of large loan mortgages on offer, in response to increasing demand within the sector.

Elsewhere in the market, Masthaven Bank has announced it will be introducing a range of mortgages aimed at underserved borrowers and professional landlords through its plans to enter the market in the final quarter of this year. The lender revealed its latest plans were in-keeping with the more customer-led and flexible approach it has adopted. With a maximum LTV of 80%, products will include both first and second charge mortgages, bridging and renovation deals, as well as a broad range of self-employed offers for residential mortgages and exclusive buy to let deals for professional investors.

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