Product of the week: Investing in the UK with mortgages up to £3million

Research has shown Brexit has been no deterrent for foreign investment in the UK; a recent survey revealed the majority of respondents planned to continue investing in the UK despite the triggering of Article 50. Clearly, the UK remains a popular destination for foreign investors.

So how can you go about investing in the UK? Clients who have no financial connection to the UK can struggle to arrange finance here, as you may have no footprint in the country. You may also have foreign income, which can be a problem for lenders.

Fortunately, we work with lenders who are happy to lend to foreign investors. Our product of the week is a non-regulated lending product, suitable for buy to lets, although it can be used for residential properties if your application is structured in the right way.

Pricing is on a case by case basis, and is available for loans of up to £3million at 75% loan to value (LTV).

This lender’s underwriting process is straightforward; clients simply need to open an account with the lender, which is unusual for international lenders, who usually have a thorough and lengthy underwriting process. To open the account, you will need to place US $100,000 with the lender as assets under management (AUM), and have an annual income equivalent to US $100,000.

This product can be an ideal solution for Middle Eastern, African and Asian clients who are looking to invest in the UK. Furthermore, this lender is happy to work with self-employed clients, something many lenders are not prepared to do as it is tricky to verify their income. However, this lender is happy to use an accountant’s reference to verify your income and net worth.

  • Loans up to £3million
  • Up to 75% LTV
  • Pricing is on a case by case basis
  • Suitable for foreign investors and expats

We have an excellent working relationship with this lender, and have successfully worked with them on many occasions to arrange property finance for our clients. If you are a foreign national or expat looking to invest in the UK, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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