New competitive fixed mortgage rates

Norwich & Peterborough (N&P) Building Society is the latest of many lenders to have introduced a new range of affordable fixed mortgage rates to its existing products on offer. Proving extremely competitive among the many reduced rates currently available on the market, the latest fixed rates from the lender are likely to set you in good stead. 

Now offering new two year fixed rates for borrowers at 75%, 85% and 90% loan to value (LTV), the most competitive of which comes in the form of a two year fixed rate at 1.28%, available to borrowers with a 25% deposit. This comes with a £1,475 product fee.

For borrowers with a smaller deposit, however, N&P is also now offering a 1.57% two year fixed rate mortgage 85% LTV, or a 2.13% two-year fix at 90% LTV, both with a £945 product fee.

All of the above offers are available to those either buying a home or remortgaging.

Elsewhere in the market, Skipton Building Society has equally reduced fixed rates by up to 0.2%, but this time on selected Help to Buy products.

Skipton’s new Help to Buy purchase range now includes a fee-free two year fixed rate at 2.31% up to 70% LTV, which comes with a free upfront valuation and £500 cashback. Five year fixed rates are also available at 2.39% to 60% LTV with a £995 fee and free valuation, or 2.75% up to 60% LTV with no fee. A 2.89% rate is also available up to 70% LTV, which comes with free valuation and £500 cashback.

Not only this, the lender has announced it will be introducing new Help to Buy remortgage products, including a three year fixed rate at 2.83% up to 70% LTV and 2.85% to 75% LTV, both of which come with free valuations and £500 cashback.

The lender has also replaced its current free legal incentive on Help to Buy remortgage products with £500 cashback, as well as offering two and five year products as part of its New Build range.

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