Product of the week: exclusive fixed rate products

It is no secret that rates are currently lower than ever, yet this doesn’t just apply to mortgage products from high street lenders.

Many exclusive fixed rate products from private and specialist banks are also now in high competition with each other, and this week, we wanted to highlight one very such product from a lender who we have an excellent relationship with here at Enness.

This product comes with a minimum loan size of £1 million, a maximum of £35 million and is on a ‘dry lend’ basis. This means clients will not need to provide any Assets Under Management (AUMs) to the bank.

The lender is now offering a two year fixed rate at 2.3%, a five year fix at 2.75% and a 10 year fixed rate at 3.35%, all of which are available with a maximum loan to value (LTV) between 50% and 66%.  This also comes with a 0.5% lender fee and an additional 0.5% for semi-commercial loans.

Not only are these extremely competitive fixed rate mortgage deals in their own right, this lender is extremely flexible for the right type of client, with no maximum age limit or income test. Designed for high net worth clientele, this is based on a client’s wealth rather than income, thus making it extremely accessible. The product is also available for UK Nationals and domiciles, expats and foreign nationals.

Private banks naturally have a very tailored approach to assessing high net worth clients, but this particular lender is pushing even those boundaries. They are willing to be entirely bespoke to set themselves apart as one to watch.

Essentially, the message here is to take advantage while you can. This is not your average deal and has the opportunity to be hugely beneficial. We would be more than happy to make an introduction if this is of interest to you.

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