Traditional Uk Mortgages


Under certain circumstances we can add real value to mortgages under £1,000,000.

Please do get in touch if any of the following apply:

  • Your requirements are time sensitive, or you require a higher level of service than you would expect to receive elsewhere.
  • Your income is unusual (for example if you are self-employed a contractor, receiving pension income or overseas/offshore income).
  • You are a high earner but want to purchase a property for recreational use, for family members to use or as part of an investment strategy.
  • The property in question is of unusual construction or has commercial elements.
  • You are looking for commercial, development or bridging finance.
  • You are struggling to arrange a mortgage elsewhere.
  • You want to use other assets as leverage.

We are always happy to explore mortgages under £1,000,000 for both new and existing clients. We work with every lender who lends in the UK so will always find the best solution for you, no matter how simple or complex your requirements.

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