Regularly reviewing your mortgage and keeping abreast of the mortgage market makes good financial sense. Furthermore, we all know moving house can be a stressful and time-consuming process, not to mention a costly one. Between legal fees, stamp duty and removal costs, the bill can rack up at an alarming rate. Sometimes, there’s no alternative—a bachelor pad in Soho just won’t do for a small family. But if you have other motivations, such as lower repayments or home improvements, now could be a good time to remortgage instead of move.

Residential remortgaging is the process of replacing your current mortgage product with a new product, usually either to switch to a better rate or release capital. The process is usually quick and easy, the legal aspect is simple, and doing so will ultimately put you in a much better position.


You should be considering a residential remortgage if any of the following apply:

  • You are coming to the end of your initial rate (for example, the end of your 2-year fixed period) and the value of your repayments are about to increase.
  • You are on your lender’s standard variable rate(SVR).
  • You would like to do work to your property.
  • Your circumstances have changed, or your property value has increased and you want to improve on your initial terms.
  • You would like to release equity for investment purposes or to clear debts.
  • You would like to reduce your mortgage.
  • You are planning to move house but would like to keep and let your current property.

It’s important to be prepared, and to have certain information to hand such as who your current lender is, what your rate is, when it expires and whether they are any early repayment charges payable. You should also speak to your current lender to see what they can offer.


The above list covers just a few of the reasons we are approached to initiate a residential remortgage application. We are happy to discuss any circumstances to determine what options are available to you.

How we structure your loan will depend on your plans over the next few years. Are you planning on moving house? Are you expecting to receive additional income or funds? Will you need extra liquid cash in the future for school fees or building works?

One of our expert brokers will guide you through exactly what’s possible, how much it will cost and how much you could save.

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