Borrowing Into Retirement

Over half a million people over the age of 90 currently live in the UK but many banks and lenders still find age to be a big obstacle to lending.

Whether you now have an empty nest and feel it’s time to downsize, or simply want a lifestyle change, getting a mortgage can be tricky if you’re over a certain age as a lack of steady income is deemed too risky by some lenders.
Enness works with an extensive network of lenders, including many who will take a borrower’s full circumstances into consideration in order overcome the hurdle of age.


Although there are some lenders who are yet to catch up with the current situation, there are certain steps you can take to present yourself in the best position as an older borrower.

  1. Income source – lenders will want to see a regular income stream, be that via pensions or savings, so proving this will be important in your ability to secure a mortgage.
  2. Credit score – as with any mortgage, looking at your recent accounts and making sure you are able to meet your repayments is important.
  3. Ability to repay loan in unforeseen circumstances – this is key for older borrowers; showing a lender how the loan will be repaid in the event of tragic circumstances will put them at ease when lending.

Our experienced brokers can guide you through the above steps and consider your unique circumstance, ensuring you get a service bespoke to your requirements.


As the number of lenders who offer mortgages to older borrowers is smaller than those who will lend to younger borrowers, it’s important to ensure you have access to the biggest market. Enness has one of the largest lender networks, including banks, building societies, private banks and specialist lenders, and has built the necessary relationships with all to suitably place your case. We’ve worked with many older borrowers and so are very knowledgeable in securing relevant loans – we know it can be challenging but we have the experience to overcome these challenges.

One of our expert brokers will guide you through exactly what’s possible, how much it will cost and how much you could save, so you can move on to the next chapter of life

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