Large Mortgages

Enness is a specialist in large mortgages, assisting clients in purchasing some of the most expensive properties in London, the UK, Monaco and beyond. Enness regularly broker mortgages for our high net worth clients over £1million, and have secured financing for clients on properties worth in excess of £100million.

Each client requiring a large loan is unique and, as such, bespoke measures are often required in order to secure one – a market-leading attribute of the experts at Enness. With a wealth of experience and an unusually large network of lenders, we are able to acquire large loans in even the most challenging of circumstances.


Whether a residential, buy to let, investment or commercial property, Enness has extensive experience and unparalleled access to a panel of lenders in this area – many of whom only work with a select group of brokers. Our exclusive network of contacts in the large mortgage market, has allowed us to maintain our market-leading position for many years; a network built on expertise, efficiency and experience.

It may surprise you, but borrowers looking to secure reasonable terms for a large loan often have a much more difficult time than mass-market customers. The main issue in this circumstance, is access. Trying to negotiate a large mortgage over £1million without a broker can be an extremely overwhelming and daunting task.

To receive the best terms for a large mortgage over £1million, you need a broker who is committed to scouring the market in its entirety, and has the knowledge to consider many different ways of structuring a loan.

Enness brokers pride themselves with this ability, as well as their capacity to leverage your other assets – such as pensions, bonuses, or even fine art – to your advantage. We work with over 200 different lenders, a large percentage of whom are private banks who can create bespoke products, all of whom can give our clients access to a bounty of different large mortgage options.

However you wish to structure your large mortgage, offshore, through a limited company or trust, in sterling or in another currency, Enness are able to secure you the best terms on the market.

We understand each case is unique, requiring a bespoke approach to acquiring a large loan. If you have any questions regarding your large loan requirements, then please do not hesitate in getting in touch with one of our expert brokers, who would be delighted to assist you.

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