High Net Worth Mortgages

High net worth clients can often find that mass-market mortgage products and high street lenders, although extremely helpful in some circumstances, cannot provide the level of expertise and flexibility to suit their requirements. Rather, specialist high net worth lenders and private banks can provide bespoke products which can be tailored to a high net worth individual’s needs.


Enness Mortgages has a team of world-class industry experts dedicated to offering an exceptional service to a select group of high net worth clients, who seek personalised high net worth mortgage solutions in the UK.

With different lending rates, terms and criteria imposed by the select group of lenders who provide high net worth mortgages, it is crucial that our expert brokers negotiate the right product for you. We work efficiently, taking a holistic view of your finances to secure the best terms available to you.

Enness Mortgages has an unrestricted lending panel which caters to any nationality, political status and level of complexity; our contacts can offer bespoke high net worth mortgage products tailored specifically for our clients’ needs. Our approach will not burn your valuable time, patience or money, but instead a solution will be formulated with the utmost care and efficiency by our trusted high net worth mortgage advisers.


Aside from the typical assets of our clientele such as bonuses, property, and pensions, there are many luxury assets which can be considered when a client is looking to raise capital for a property purchase. Our panel of high net worth lenders means we can maximise assets including fine art, antiques, classic and luxury cars, jewellery and diamonds, luxury watches, luxury handbags, gold and fine wine, when securing a high value mortgage.

Whether you are purchasing, refinancing, reappraising or restructuring your assets, whether that be for growth, efficacy or emergency, no matter your status or circumstances, we will find you the right solution.

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