Luxury Asset Financing

We have many ultrahigh net worth clients approaching us on a regular basis to discuss luxury asset financing. The experience we have gained over the years in this sector is invaluable, our contacts can make things happen whatever luxury assets you are looking to finance. Many people fail to appreciate that many ultrahigh net worth clients are asset rich but can often have low liquidity. Therefore, it can often be essential to maximise luxury asset capital to improve cash flow.


Luxury asset management

Luxury asset based lending is a specialist market, one which is very rarely discussed in public but one which is active and liquid. Over the years we have been asked to finance an array of assets such as:-

  • Luxury yachts
  • Private jets
  • Rare cars
  • Racehorses

Basically, anything that fits in with the lifestyle of ultrahigh net worth clients – the potential list is endless. Many of our customers come to us because they need a broker who can look after their portfolio of luxury assets and future financing requirements. Keeping everything under one roof can help raise capital at the drop of a hat – fundraising tends to be time critical with many of our clients.


Specialist financing

Many people automatically assume that luxury asset loans are similar in setup to property loans when in reality they are very different. While the luxury asset lenders market is not as big as the property lending market it is full of specialist niche market players. The ability to raise luxury asset capital can be priceless when addressing low liquidity or when looking to raise additional finance for a new investment.

What many people fail to realise is that some assets such as luxury yachts and private jets will begin to fall in value from the moment you buy them. So, when financing these luxury assets there is also a need to protect the capital value. This is something we can do via the luxury asset insurance market.


Insuring luxury assets

We have access to the leaders in the luxury assets insurance market. They offer Insurance policies to mitigate the fall in value of for example a luxury yacht thereby protecting the initial capital investment as much as possible. Luxury asset based lending and luxury asset insurance goes hand-in-hand, complementing each other.


Leveraging luxury assets

As we touched on above, many people who approach us about luxury asset financing are asset rich but often low in liquidity. Whether looking to expand a property portfolio, purchase a new vehicle or looking to maintain their luxury lifestyle, it is possible to leverage luxury assets. It is also worth noting that many portfolios are spread across different countries and jurisdictions which in theory make it a little more difficult. However, our contacts work across different jurisdictions with offices throughout the world.

We offer bespoke finance arrangements, deals structured around client assets and long-term cash flow. We have access to the creme de la creme of mortgage finance operators, luxury asset financing companies and luxury asset insurance brokers and this has not gone unnoticed. It is more efficient from a cost angle as well as an access view to have all of your luxury assets managed under one roof. If that once-in-a-lifetime deal appears, the assets are there, we have the contacts and we can check out the markets for you in an instant.


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While many people recognise us for our reputation and connections in the world of mortgage finance, we actually cover a broad spectrum of lending for high net worth clients. Luxury asset financing is a specialist field and one where our reputation precedes us. Our name opens doors; experience allows us to structure the best deal for your situation and our access to the full range of lenders ensures we can secure the best rates. Give us a call today for no obligation chat and let us look at the best deal structure for you.

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