Mortgage delays are the number 1 reason for bridging finance

Bridging Trends has revealed a number of interesting statistics about UK bridging finance in Q3 of 2017. But although there are a number of interesting findings in this report, such as mortgage delays being the number one reason for bridging loans, what will be of key interest to most readers is that the average monthly interest rate for bridging loans is reported to have decreased. The change is only minimal, from 0.84% to 0.82% a month, but this is sure to be received as a step in the right director. Many borrowers are put off from bridging loans due to their historically expensive reputation, but as bridging finance becomes a more mainstream method of borrowing, this downward price trend should hopefully continue. This is especially positive for those seeking bridging finance for mortgage delays, where costs are already likely to be high. In the last quarter, mortgage delays returned to being the most popular reason why clients took out bridging finance. Whereas only 25% of respondents reported this as their motivation in Q2, mortgage delays took back the top spot in Q3 with 31% of the vote. Meanwhile, 23% cited refurbishment as the purpose for their bridging loan. Bridging loans for business purposes have become more popular over the last three months, taking the third spot at 13%.

The Enness View

Enness are a contributor to the Bridging Trends report, helping to compile the information which informs the research. In our opinion, it’s surprising average interest rates haven’t decreased further. New entrants in the bridging lending world means that current lenders are facing downward pressure in their pricing; they need to defend and increase their market share in order to protect what they already have from new entrants. It’s always interesting to assess how borrowers are using bridging finance. We’ve put in place some creative bridging solutions recently—for example, we’ve used bridging loans to port mortgages, repay arrears and to transfer property ownership.]]>