When purchasing a property, there are a vast number of legal considerations and they can be confusing – especially if you are a first time buyer. Whenever you purchase property, it is necessary to instruct a solicitor who will carry out the legal work and guide you through each stage of the purchase. They will also be able to assist you with tax considerations.
We work with trusted advisors in this area who are committed to ensuring your property buying process runs efficiently and with complete transparency at every point.


Instructing a solicitor early in your property search will prepare you for the process, equip you with an understanding of how it works and the necessary actions at each stage.

Your solicitor will conduct various investigations on the property, including making legal searches, reviewing the paperwork provided by the Seller’s solicitors and making enquiries on your behalf so you have as much knowledge as possible about the property in advance of buying it. These enquiries will alert you to anything unusual or that could restrict your enjoyment of the property. If there are any issues, your solicitor will raise them with you as soon as possible and seek to assist finding you a solution. This process usually takes around a month.

Your solicitor will normally then prepare you a detailed legal report on the property which will set out the results of the various searches and enquiries made on your behalf. Once you are ready to commit to buying and are comfortable with the specifics of the property, you can move towards exchange of contracts. At this point you pay over the deposit, and both you and the seller are contractually bound to complete the purchase with a defined day for completion.

On the day of completion, your solicitor will facilitate the transfer of funds to the seller’s solicitor, and, once formal completion has occurred, will give you the go ahead to collect the keys to your new property.

They will also guide you in ensuring the correct stamp duty is paid, as well as registering the transfer of the property into your name with the Land Registry.

If you already own the property which you are mortgaging, your solicitor will still need to carry out searches and investigations against your property on behalf of your lender, which, depending on the lender’s requirements, can take up to a month.


Enness works with a network of trusted partners, including experience legal professionals. As such, we can guide you in terms of when you should consider instructing a solicitor, making the necessary introductions based on your specific circumstances and requirements.

Having a trusted legal advisor on board will streamline the process for you, making it as efficient as possible and giving you peace of mind that every aspect has been considered and completed at a high standard.

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