Milan & Rome Mortgages

Whilst Italy isn’t predicted to be a high-growth investment region, it’s enduringly popular for the lifestyle it offers, so it’s a spot many HNW individuals are keen to consider.

More affordable than neighbouring European cities like Paris and London, Milan is attracting increasing attention from Asian investors, following a number of significant property constructions. Meanwhile, historic Rome secured a top-20 spot in last year’s millionaire density ranking, coming in at number 17.

What you need to know

countries_ROME AND MILAN1There are limited financing options for  foreign investors due to weak valuations.

The mortgage options available are primarily for liquid and diversified clients who are prepared to initiate a private banking relationship.

100% gross LTV mortgages are available on a capital repayment basis, with 40% of the loan amount to be invested with the lending institution for the life of the loan.

Land Registry taxes: €200
Legal fees are between 1-2%.
Notary fees are between 2.5-3%.
Registration tax: 2% for main residence/ 9% for non-residents.

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