Lugano Mortgages

What Lugano lacks in size it makes up for in breathtaking lakeside scenery. The cobbled streets are dotted with boutiques and chic pavement cafes, but the picturesque setting belies Italian-speaking Lugano’s status as an important Swiss financial centre.

Apartments with lakeside views rarely sell for under a million Swiss Francs, so prime real estate doesn’t come cheap. Fortunately, property finance is typically available at extremely good rates, and highly competitive offerings are available for liquid clients with a diverse range of assets.

What you need to know

countries_LUGANOTo access the most competitive credit offerings available, a CHF 1million+ (Swiss Francs)  investment is usually required to open an account with a lender.

Most nationalities can be catered for, but for a number of lenders, loans are only available to non-Western borrowers if they are already a
tax resident in Switzerland.

Legal fees and taxes are between 3.5-5%.

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