Private Client Mortgages

We arrange mortgages secured against UK property for global private clients. We specialise in high value and complex situations. Our clients return to us based on the results we constantly deliver.

Our approach is to minimise confusion, cut through tedious process, maximize confidence and to deliver the correct lending terms and structures for our clients regardless of who they are, where they are, how much they need to borrow or the structures or obstacles in the way.

Our Process is as follows:

  1. We will work with you, and your advisers’ to quickly understand your plans and objectives.
  2. We will efficiently learn as much about you, your background and circumstances as we can or need.
  3. We will then explain what we think we can achieve, what secondary options are or what you will need to do or change to achieve what you need.
  4. Only then, and if this approach works we will start to assemble the paperwork we need to gain lender support.
  5. We will present your case in the most efficient and direct way possible to prevent confusion, over complication and delays.
  6. Once we have Credit and Compliance support from the lender we approach we will then manage all other parties, Solicitors, surveyors and so on, so that your plans are actually delivered on time.

This process is designed to build your trust in our ability, confidence that your plans will be backed by a lender, that you have a full understanding of the timings and process involved whilst simultaneously reducing unnecessary meetings, false starts frustrating questions and details.

Our access and experience

We can speak directly to the decision makers and deal makers at over 300 banks and lenders. We know in real time what banks are offering, how they are lending, when they are lending, what they like and what they don’t like.

We are experts in assembling the best possible presentation of your circumstances to get the maximum effect we will only ask for what is necessary and we won’t make you attend unnecessary meetings.

We work for you exclusively and are on your side in all negotiations, we are not the judge or the decider, we just want to achieve what you have asked us to do.

The current environment is not necessarily about finding the best price – just as important is delivery, managing the parties involved and preventing and solving problems.

We are ready to start when you are

You are welcome to contact us by any means, at any time that suits you and for whatever reason.

On first conversation, our relationship advisers will in the quickest way possible, understand your needs and connect you to the best broker for your circumstances

You can then chose to speak to them right away, at a later time, or in person – whatever works best for you.

You will know broadly what is possible almost instantly, subject to the need to research, negotiate and build out your file.

We will not share our conversations with anyone until you agree to us doing so – the need for privacy and discretion are understood.