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Development finance is a funding solution for those who seek to complete development projects ranging from light refurbishment to home building and developing multi-unit sites from scratch. Whatever your development needs, the right guidance to acquiring finance is essential. At Enness, we have over 20 years of experience acquiring development finance for even the most complex of projects, and our expert brokers are here to guide you every step of the way.


Development finance is available to anyone a lender considers a developer. If you are a buy to let investor wishing to carry out a light refurbishment of your single investment property, or an experienced landlord carrying out a heavy refurbishment of a property in your portfolio, you will need development finance. Likewise, if you are an experienced developer building a multi-unit mixed-use scheme, or an individual looking to fund a self-build residential project, you will also likely require development finance.

Typically, lenders will restrict borrowing to around 75% of the total cost of the build, providing it doesn’t exceed a gross development value (GDV) set by the lender. For example, if the cost of a development is £1million, and its projected GDV is £2million, with the lender setting 60% GDV as the maximum loan value, the lender will be happy to lend the £750,000 requested as it is below £1.2million – which is 60% GDV.

However, at Enness, we can secure 100% development finance if the project is structured correctly. Development finance should be approached in a bespoke manner, as each project comes with its own challenges and limitations – be that location, projected value, or planning restrictions.


Enness’ unusually large network of lenders means that we can assist you with the most complex of cases, even if you’ve encountered obstacles elsewhere. Whether you need a short term loan for the duration of a development, or are looking to release equity for your next project, Enness has the experience to help you achieve your development goals. Our extensive lender network allows us to secure finance for clients from across the spectrum of developers and developments.

And this isn’t limited to experienced developers. Prospective developers may be put off applying for finance, as lenders generally look for a successful development track record—but this needn’t be a barrier to your ambitions. Enness has a track record of helping inexperienced developers to structure their applications appropriately to achieve the required loan.

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