UK mortgage for expats living in France


Enness Mortgages is highly regarded as a brokerage which can find solutions for unusual requests, such a finding a UK mortgage for expats. As such, I am often contacted by clients who are foreign nationals or expats, as was the case with two recent clients who were English nationals living in France. They were seeking a mortgage for a property in the UK whilst they were expats.

Having come across Enness via the internet, the clients gave me an overview of the property they hoped to purchase.  The property, valued at £310,000, was over 300 years old, and needed to be structurally surveyed. I spoke with my client and became aware that the individual will remain working in France with the intention to relocate his job to the UK, but will be living with his wife in the property in the UK.

As my clients were working and living in France I knew it would be challenging to source a lender who accepted a client with foreign income. My client aimed to relocate his work to the UK, but at the time of the mortgage application process he was still working in France. Speed was also a source of concern, as my clients aimed to be returning to the UK relatively soon.


Fortunately, I am experienced in cases such as this one and knew which lender would be appropriate. I spoke to this lender and outlined my clients’ situation carefully. The process was successful as the lender was happy to accept our client’s foreign income and the property structure situation was not a problem either. I managed to obtain my client a 5-year fixed rate mortgage at 2.20% with a £995 arrangement fee and my clients were delighted.

If you are a British expat looking to purchase property in the UK, using a broker can expedite the process of securing a mortgage considerably. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like a further discussion of your situation.