Student accommodation portfolio finance for Middle Eastern investor


Student accommodation in the United Kingdom is considered a very stable and lucrative investment opportunity by many commercial investors, both in the UK and further afield. I was recently approached by a property investor with a net worth exceeding $30million, who was looking to purchase a student accommodation portfolio in the south of England.

However, this client was a Saudi Arabian national and did not have a foothold in the UK property market. Some banks are also reticent about lending against a student accommodation portfolio, so this was another stumbling block. This client, therefore, needed a brokers’ assistance to finance this deal.

The student accommodation portfolio was valued at almost £1.5million, and this client required a loan of £800,000. After explaining his ambitions to the Enness UAE team, I was able to refer him to our London office, who have an unparalleled network of lenders.



The team were able to source a solution with a prestigious private bank. In this instance, the lender was happy to assist this lender with financing a student accommodation portfolio because he was an ultra-high net worth individual (UHNWI). Private banks are keen to begin relationships with such individuals, and property finance is often an excellent way of doing this.

If you’re considering investing in a student accommodation block or a portfolio of smaller properties, the Enness Commercial team have produced a blog detailing four top tips to consider. Whether you’re a UK resident or a foreign national looking for a lucrative investment in Europe, our team in London would be happy to talk you through your options, so get in contact today for a further discussion.

Alternatively, the Enness team can assist with any investment property finance in the UK. London is considered a safe haven for investors and, as such, represents an ideal opportunity for both expats and foreign nationals wishing to put their money into a secure asset.


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