€6.7million St Tropez villa refinance


After having our services recommended to him, my client approached me wishing to secure funding for a luxury St Tropez villa refinance. My client was a highly successful Internet entrepreneur and Portuguese national, with three children under the age of 18.

The villa my client wished to refinance was located in a beautiful part of St Tropez, a few metres from the beach. It had a breathtaking coastal path and was a short distance from the centre of St Tropez, one of the most popular towns on the French Riviera.

The villa, worth €18million, possessed a panoramic sea view of the Mediterranean, and was located in a highly exclusive area with less than a dozen other properties. The entire property spanned over 4,500 square metres, and its gardens were immaculately maintained with olive trees, palm trees and cypresses.

My client was looking for a total loan amount of €6.7million to refinance the villa. He was looking to release €5.2million for redevelopment, and €1.5million to create a securities portfolio.

However, as a highly successful Internet entrepreneur, my client was involved in multiple companies, meaning he had a complex income stream. This presented a challenge because it required a note from an accountant to verify his income streams. In addition to this, the assets under management (AUM) which the lender required, were held in a trust. This hugely impacted his ability to release the money as accessing the trust required signatures from all the trustees.


I managed to resolve my client’s complex income problems through Enness’s unrivalled network of lenders to find a lender who was happy to accept a way around this issue. I negotiated with the lender to allow my client to secure his mortgage with a letter from his accountant, verifying his income from the last three years. Our close relationship with the lender also meant the lender was comfortable with my client placing only €1million with them, which on a loan amount of €6.7 million is extremely competitive.

For this deal, I secured a fixed interest only rate of 1.60% for 5 years, and my client was impressed with the favourably low value of €1million AUM to be brought to the lender.