Self Employed 4 Million Pound Property Loan


Our client approached us with a requirement for a self employed 4 million pound property loan.

The client was a successful entrepreneur who needed the mortgage secured against a new property in Central London he wished to purchase, valued at £7 million.

He was an individual whose main income derived from a variety of different sources. This meant that the income was not sufficient in itself to fully cover the debt and he required a self employed 4 million pound property loan which was then going to prove difficult.

Luckily many private banks are happy to consider the complexities of high net worth clients and the overall picture of their borrowing.

I decided to speak to one particular bank and explain the entirety of this financial situation and proving to them that this particular client was able to support a self employed 4 million pound property loan.


The ultimate terms of the mortgage were as follows:

The full mortgage amount for this self employed 4 million pound property loan was agreed at 1.8% over 3 month Libor for 5 years with a 0.5% lender’s fee and on an interest only basis.

The Bank also arranged the structure of the property ownership and the client has since transferred many of his other assets to them to manage.

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