Remortgage of a £3.4million London property for a client based in USA


London’s Kensington is a historically attractive area for foreign nationals looking to acquire prime UK real estate. Chic, leafy, beautiful and safe, it’s no wonder that Americans in London are so taken with this neighbourhood. One such client came to Enness wishing to remortgage a stunning property valued at £3.4million that he had purchased two years previously. His lender at the time had a high rate of 4% and he was looking for a relatively like-for-like remortgage with competitive pricing. With the UK market’s rates consistently rising and my client’s bank refusing to offer a 5-year deal, it had been a struggle to find what he needed until he came across Enness.

Although he had gained UK citizenship through marriage, his income came from the US where he was also based. This would typically create several hurdles with any other lender, but Enness is well-versed with this type of case.


It’s not unusual for foreign nationals to approach us in similar situations. I have a great relationship with a British private bank who were interested in the case, and I managed to negotiate a 2.6% rate fixed over 5 years with just 0.5% arrangement fee. All of this was possible despite my client being a US citizen. He was particularly pleased with the assurance that this exceptional price would be maintained for the next 5 years. Especially considering his previous lender’s rate of 4%, both my client and I were hugely satisfied with the result of 2.6%. I take great pride in the unique services we are able to offer clients from overseas, and I relish the challenge that comes with it.


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