Mortgage for expats living between UK and Nigeria

Providing mortgages for expats is a specialty of Enness Mortgages; we have a wealth of experience in arranging finance for such clients, and I was able to use this experience to good effect on this case.

The husband was a dual national American and South African citizen, whilst the wife was British. Both were in their late thirties, and had two dependent children. My clients had been living and working in Nigeria for most of the last decade, but were now looking to relocate to the UK to be nearer to family and for their children’s education.

However, this would not be a straightforward move—the husband would still be working on rotation in Nigeria for two weeks stretches, before spending two weeks back in the UK. They approached Enness after finding no success with other brokers; they had already lost out on several properties due to the complexity of their cases.

They had found a property in Hertfordshire valued at just under £600,000, and were keen not to lose out again. I therefore need to move quickly to arrange finance for my clients, enabling them to purchase the property and proceed with their intended move to the UK. Enness is a large mortgage broker which regularly arranges mortgages for expats so I was confident we could help.


I knew I would need to approach a lender with an international appetite, who was comfortable lending to not only an expat but a foreign national. As my client’s work involved him being abroad in Nigeria half the time, and he was paid in a foreign income, many lenders would not proceed on this basis. Fortunately, I have a good relationship with a lender which has a strong international lending appetite.

This lender was happy to accept foreign income for a UK asset, and I was able to arrange a 5-year fixed product at 80% loan to value (LTV). This was an excellent result. I am now also in discussion with these clients to assist them with arranging life insurance, which is an essential policy if you are taking out a large loan, particularly if one partner is working and supporting the family.


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