Mortgage for a US national first-time buyer on a £7million London property


At Enness we pride ourselves on helping first-time buyers. We are experts at overcoming difficulties that arise with high net worth cases, especially when the client in question is not from the UK. My client was a US national but had acquired British residency by marriage. He worked as a hedge fund manager and therefore had high incomes which came in GBP and USD.

My client wished to purchase a stunning £7million property in London. This was his first UK property purchase and he was looking for loan to value (LTV) of 85%, far higher than the 60-70% average.

To add to this, my client received a bonus income in USD. This creates complications when calculating net worth as US citizens require extra reporting due to the US Inland Revenue Service policy with tax returns filed there.


I understood the necessity of finding a lender with a strong international presence that would appreciate the complexities of this case. Fortunately, at Enness we have a vast network of lender contacts and I was able to secure my client’s desired 85% LTV at a rate of 2.54% plus base rate on a 5-year interest only fixed term. This was the ideal solution for my client.


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