Finance for student accommodation development


OUR SOLUTION Fortunately, I have experience in arranging finance for student accommodation development. Due to the complicated structure of this case, I approached a trusted lender whom I had worked with before. I quickly set up a meeting with the lender, my clients and their professional advisors to help dissect their complex company structure and put any reservations the bank may have had with regards to lending to the company. The bank was reassured the complex structure, with different equity investors for each acquisition, was merely a tool to allow the clients to grow a large portfolio. The lender knew that this being the case, there was the opportunity for repeat business with my client and were therefore all too happy to assist my clients. The loan I negotiated had exceptionally low rates and I was able to acquire the full loan amount for my clients: a £1.5million loan at a rate of 4.08% over a five year fixed term. My clients were delighted, as was the bank. This was the first of many business opportunities between myself, my clients and the bank.]]>

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