£1.2m loan for personal investment purposes on £3m property

A high net worth client recently contacted Enness looking to secure a £1.2 million loan on a property in Earls Court worth £3 million. The property had no existing mortgage at the point of application, and the client required the funds for personal investment in different types of assets, such as private equities.

My client was a partner in a private equity firm himself and although he had a set salary, his profit share made his income irregular. This immediately presented a challenge when it came to securing the necessary lending, as his salary alone was not enough to support the loan, so finding a lender who would be willing to treat his annual profit distribution as income was essential.

Furthermore the purpose of the loan proved a problem with every high street lender and the majority of building societies and entry level private banks on the market. Raising finance for speculative investment or ‘business purposes’ is not something the vast majority of banks, including the client’s main high street bank, could support. My client had already been advised they couldn’t be helped and after having unsuccessfully looked elsewhere, so he was convinced that what he wanted to do would not be possible upon coming to Enness.


Despite this, I was able to place my client with a private bank who had significant experience within this area of finance and a niche offering for private equity individuals in particular. The credit sanction came within just two weeks and we were also able to secure lending without assets under management (AUM), which is something almost all private banks usually require.

I achieved this at a very competitive rate of just 2.5% with full amount on interest only. This was an excellent and efficient result for my client and one he was extremely happy with.


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