Life Cover after a Health Scare for Couple in their 30s


A client who had arranged a mortgage through Enness the previous year got in touch with me last month. He and his wife were both in their early thirties, and at the time of arranging their mortgage she had taken out life cover. He, however, had not, and was in the middle of a fairly serious health scare.

Alarmed by a persistent cough and slight chest pains, he had recently been to see his GP, who decided to send him in for tests. He wanted to talk through his options with me in case the GP’s suspicions were justified, and he was suffering from a heart condition.

Of course, no insurer would consider him while any medical investigation was ongoing. While we were waiting for a definite prognosis from his doctor, I looked into the types of cover available to him based on a number of different scenarios.

Thankfully, he was given the all-clear; but understandably, after having such a scare, he was keen to get comprehensive life and critical illness cover. His wife wanted the same.

My task was to consider which insurer would be the best fit for them, given their situation, as getting life cover after a health scare isn’t necessarily straight forward.


By speaking the case details through in depth with a number of insurers and underwriters in the market, armed with a letter from the consultant giving him a clean bill of health, I was able to secure an offer of standard terms straight away for the client. The insurers didn’t even ask him to undergo a medical.

Within one week of being given the all-clear, the policy was live and both of them had life and critical illness cover in place, which we arranged to have placed into trust to ensure tax efficiency. Best of all, and thanks to having access to the entire market and my knowledge of the various insurers’ underwriting criteria, my client avoided the stress of undergoing invasive medicals. Both he and his wife were delighted with the speed and the outcome, and are spending far less time sweating in hospital waiting rooms.

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