High Loan to Value Mortgage for Property Developer with Adverse Credit


refurbishments and general maintenance, as well as a further purchase. Although the case seems straightforward enough, there were a couple of knotty points to negotiate. The first challenge for me as a broker was that he was after a very high loan to value mortgage – around 85% – with the norm for buy-to-lets being 75%. Another potential problem was that he had an adverse credit rating. This was thanks to a run-in a few years ago with a mobile phone company, but of course it meant that some lenders wouldn’t give him the time of day. I therefore had to find a lender willing to take a measured view of his personal situation and consider a high loan to value mortgage for him. The fact that he was renting out his properties as HMOs rather than buy-to-lets meant that I was hopeful we would be able to push the loan to value up to 85%.


After a lot of looking and in spite of unfavourable circumstances, a lender was found and I successfully negotiated an 85% loan to value mortgage for him at 5.29% to fund the expansion and maintenance of his property portfolio. Most importantly, the terms included no early repayment charges, which was an excellent result for my client.]]>

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