Fully offset mortgage for £4million property


If you have a significant sum available to place in a savings account, an offset mortgage can be a helpful way of minimising the cost of your mortgage. I was recently able to assist a British client with an offset mortgage facility, on a case that clearly illustrates how useful this type of facility can be.

My client had a very healthy income and a straightforward profile. He was looking to purchase a desirable £4million property and wanted to place 50% as a deposit, leaving him with a £2million facility to borrow. He also hoped to secure a 5-year fixed rate, considering the fact interest rates are looking set to rise over the next few years.

I therefore set to work speaking with my extensive lender network to find the best possible deal. There are a number of excellent offset mortgage products currently on the market, but many of these have restrictions in terms of how much of the mortgage can actually be offset.


Fortunately, I have an excellent relationship with one lender who can offer a fully offset facility. I secured a 5-year fixed rate facility at 1.9% for my client, which is an excellent rate for a loan of this size regardless—however, because my client was able to place £2million in savings, this essentially fully negated the cost of the interest payments.

This meant that, after making his first month’s payment, this facility was a fully offset mortgage. This was an excellent result for my client; if you would like advice about the possibility of an offset mortgage facility, I would be happy to discuss your options with you at your convenience.

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