Foreign national mortgage in Scotland for international client

I recently helped a couple who were looking to purchase a property in Scotland. The husband was working for the US military and was also a US citizen with no UK visa. He had been assigned from the US to live and work in Germany and was paid in US dollars. He was to be the sole individual supporting the mortgage.

My clients had recently moved in Germany and had ended up cancelling the term on their tenancy and moving into a military base. Because of this, we had no proof of address for the client except for a letter from his employer.

The first challenge we faced was that some lenders do not actually lend in Scotland at all. This is because the property system in Scotland differs to the UK and means that once an offer is accepted, you are legally obligated to purchase that property and only have a certain amount of time (usually 21 days) to do so.

Not only this, my clients also owned a couple of rental properties in the US, however, the cheapest lender ignored rental income but assessed the mortgage payment for affordability.


Owing to my relationship with the lender, I was able to persuade them to make an exception and use the rental income purely for affordability, thus cancelling out the mortgages on the rental properties.

If that wasn’t all, it took us an incredibly quick total of 30 days from application to completion. This was an especially speedy turnaround considering we were working with an international lender, where you usually have to allow for the slow moving of documents from country to country, plus the extra due diligence.

On top of this, my client was not charged anything for this – which is usually the case – and was still able to secure a two year fixed rate at 3.46% at 77% loan to value (LTV).

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