Fastest Mortgage Approval for a £1m Remortgage at a Very Low Rate

I recently secured a case, which unlike most of the complex cases resolved at Enness, was set to be a reasonably simple deal with no specialist complications. However, the speed required (and delivered) was remarkable.

This client was a very affluent City worker with excellent income and no adverse credit history. He was looking for a like for like remortgage which would be simple enough. However, my client had extremely challenging expectations and required the loan as soon as possible.

My client had previously contacted his local main bank, which was happy to offer him a 3 hour appointment with one of its brokers – in 2 weeks’ time from when he visited. This was insufficient to my client’s time requirements and did not fit into his busy lifestyle, which is where we at Enness came in.


I met with this client on a Monday, and had the application prepared on the very same day. The deal was then ready on Tuesday and I submitted the application on Tuesday as well. Perhaps the most unusual aspect of this, however, was that the lender approved the mortgage immediately, which is unheard of.

Due to the lender completing an electronic valuation, it was able to confirm the property value of £1.3 million and place an offer the very moment the application was submitted.

This was an absolutely fantastic result for my client, and the quickest offer I have ever received. If he had gone directly to his local bank he would have had to wait for 3 weeks before even knowing if he could receive the mortgage – whereas we had it fully completed in the same time frame!

With the remortgage loan completed just 3 weeks later, I was able to secure the fastest mortgage approval for an interest only deal, which also came with free valuation and solicitor services for my client.

I secured an interest only remortgage at an extremely low rate of 1.64%, which was fixed for 2 years.

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