Ex pat large mortgage loan when returning to the UK from overseas

One of the sets of terms I have most recently negotiated were for a married couple who had been living in Europe for some years. This case was actually introduced to me by a broker who was unable to deliver them the terms that they required as their situation was relatively complex. This is because ex pat large mortgage loans are no simple feat to arrange as most lenders are uncomfortable about lending to ex pats. It is typically difficult to prove how income is being generated or to demonstrate where clients have been living.

The couple in question planned to move back to the UK together and buy a residence to use as their primary residence in Chelsea, London. They also owned another property in the background which they wanted to keep as a buy to let and hoped to raise capital from this residence as well to support the mortgage for the new property – choosing to keep it as an investment.

Their income was separate: the wife had recently moved back to England and was employed there and the husband was self-employed; still drawing his income from abroad as this was where his company was set up. The fact that the husband’s income was drawn from abroad in the latest tax year meant that they were effectively seeking an ex pat large mortgage loan as the wife’s income would not be efficient to sustain this level of borrowing by itself. Having this type of income recognised by lenders is particularly tricky.

The clients came to Enness as they were aiming to raise 70% of the finance to buy the property (valued at c. £1 million) and they were aiming for more.


I agreed with the other broker to work on the case together as they were able to arrange good terms to capital raise on the buy to let property in the background.

I managed to persuade a challenger bank, with whom we have a close relationship, to offer them 66.6% of the loan amount – borrowing £694,000 in total.

The terms we finalised were 2.99% for a three year fixed rate term with no early repayment charges or assets under management.

This case study of an ex pat large mortgage loan is a great example of the success that Enness can have with introduced cases and collaborating with other brokers in order to ensure that clients have access to the best possible terms.

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