Expat residential mortgage for British couple moving back to UK

About a year and half ago I had a conversation with a British couple who were living and working abroad but hoping to move back to the UK soon, as they felt it was a better environment to raise their two-year-old. The husband was an investment banker and wife an operations manager at a successful tech company and when they approached me recently, they had already been living in the UK for two months and wanted their own property and thus required me to find them an ex pat residential mortgage.

My clients had a beautiful property in mind, a unique three-bedroom house in a highly desirable area of London, priced at £2.3million. Unfortunately, a broker from another company had been unsuccessful on my client’s behalf, so it was imperative I moved quickly before their ideal property went off the market.

The main issue with this case, however, was my clients had only moved back to the UK two months prior to applying for their mortgage. Furthermore, the nature of my client’s income, namely much of it was made up of bonuses, meant I would have to approach a lender who would understand my client’s needs.


I knew of a lender, who I have nurtured a strong professional relationship with over the years, who specialised in expat residential mortgage lending to clients such as my own and approached him immediately. I explained the time constraints of my client’s situation, that they had only been back living in the UK for two months and how much of their income was in bonuses. The lender understood my clients’ situation and were very obliging.

In the end I arranged a 2-year tracker mortgage at 1.69% which comfortably met my client’s expectations. Thanks to my expert knowledge of lenders, I was able to move quickly to satisfy my client’s needs.

Needless to say, the couple are extremely happy with their new property and ex pat residential mortgage and look forward to raising their family there.

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