Development finance from peer to peer lender


OUR SOLUTION After consulting with my client, I approached a peer-to-peer lender. Peer-to-peer lenders aren’t bound by the limits of institutional lending, and are therefore much more flexible in regards to the projects they take on and the locations they are prepared to fund. Fortunately, this lender was also able to take a view on the lack of planning permission. They were happy to proceed on the strength of the fact neighbouring properties had been granted permission for similar projects. Common sense therefore dictated my client would be very likely to receive the permission she sought. Furthermore, this lender felt confident they could meet the tight timescale, by having the valuations and legals run in parallel. I was therefore able to secure my client the loan she required, at an annual rate of 10% per annum. Peer-to-peer lending format allows for a great deal of flexibility, with decisions being made with a common-sense approach. This lender also offers fast decisions, and can offer large loans for a range of project sizes.]]>

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