Complex Million Pound Plus Bridging Loan


Our client was introduced to us by a Mayfair professional and was a well known London Restaurateur seeking complex million pound plus bridging loan. He had run out of money whilst refurbishing a new West End Restaurant and Nightclub and faced not being able to trade and the contractor walking off site.

The only security was an occupational 20 year lease for the loss-making restaurant. There were no other UK assets or income which could lend support. This was exacerbated by a technical breach of the lease conditions as work had commenced without the Freeholder’s written consent. The borrowing vehicle was via a complex BVI Trust structure.

To say the least this situation wasn’t the easiest to rectify. Trading companies, title issues, offshore structures and no clear sight of UK assets and income reduce the number of lender options on their own. The combination of the lot of them is almost a perfect storm.


That said, we managed to work out a solution for the client overcoming all these issues and were able to deliver the funds in less than 3 weeks. How? We know one lender personally who will lend in scenarios like this if they are comfortable with the asset & that the loan would be repaid or refinanced at the end of it’s term. We arranged site visits, compiled a full deal summary and demonstrated that one or two of our prime commercial lenders would refinance, if necessary, at the end of the term.

We expected that others had tried to arrange this loan for the client – the fact that we not only succeeded but compiled this complex million pound bridging loan in a matter of weeks clearly demonstrates our ability in this highly complex market.

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