Cheaper, larger £2m bridging loan in record time


I recently secured a £2m bridging loan for a client who was operating on an extremely tight timeframe.

My client in this instance owned a portfolio of buy to let properties. She had four flats in London, all of which were under one title.

She owned her own company and had a good level of income, although her business had recently been through a rough patch, leaving her with some adverse credit.

She wanted a nine month bridging loan to allow her to separate the titles of the four flats and clear her credit history; once this was done, she would be in a position to apply for a mainstream buy to let mortgage.

The mortgage broker she initially approached had secured her a bridging loan, but it had several major drawbacks. It was not as large as she wanted, it was only a 6 month term, and it was significantly more expensive than she had hoped.

At this point, she heard about Enness; a friend recommended our services to her. By the time we received her enquiry, the lender who had agreed to the six month bridge had already released the funds to her solicitor, meaning time was of the essence. She needed us to come up with a better solution for her by the end of the week, when the money absolutely had to be in place.

This case was a good illustration of how we can use our experience, expertise and reputation to access the very best deals on the market, and achieve results other brokers can’t. Thanks to our strong personal relationships with an array of lenders, we were able to complete on the Friday – four days after we had first heard from her. The product we sourced was cheaper, larger and longer-term than the one her first broker had found.



We secured a £2m bridging loan and improved on the original six month term by extending it to 12 months. The interest rate also significantly cheaper than her original offer. My client was delighted, and is now able to proceed with her plans.

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