Bridging finance for buy to let property awaiting sale


OUR SOLUTION By refinancing her bridging loan, we would be able to buy her more time to sell her property at a better price. Some clients are put off by bridging finance because it seems expensive in comparison to standard, BTL mortgage finance. However, in certain circumstances, it can represent a much better deal. For my client in this case, selling her property at a reduced rate would have lost her a great deal more money than the cost of bridging finance over the next few months. For loans between £100,000 to £1million, bridging finance is an incredibly fast option, and the rates are more competitive than they’ve ever been. There are many lenders operating in this market, meaning competition amongst lenders in high and there are fantastic and most importantly speedy deals to be had. If you would like more information about the myriad ways bridging finance can be used, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I would be happy to talk you through your options.]]>

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