Bespoke rolling cashflow product for expanding fashion business

I recently completed a loan for a lady who is making big waves in the fashion industry. Although she was a new client, she had been referred to us by her accountant who had previously been very happy with our services.

The client wanted to raise capital to free cashflow and resultantly expand her business which was growing rapidly.  She found high street banks were unable to assist her with finance to support the necessary cashflow for expansion, as the products they offered did not provide the flexibility she required.

Whilst my client had other assets, new mortgage regulation restricted her as to what she could gear these to and get a lender to accept. She also wanted to have a very flexible facility where she could draw down funds and then repay them during the periods when the business was cash flow positive but still be able to draw it back quickly when required.

A specialist lender with whom I have a proven and trusted relationship with, allowed me to negotiate a bespoke product for my client which would facilitate her needs, but also had the potential to be repeated elsewhere. This product consisted of a 2 year rolling cashflow facility giving my client complete flexibility, allowing her to free the necessary capital to expand her company.

This bespoke product is just one example of how Enness can help new and established businesses succeed where the high street banks may not have the facility to do so. This is particularly important where many businesses have faced market uncertainty following the unclear ramifications of the Brexit vote.

My client was extremely happy with the flexible facility I had managed to secure, this was only possible because of the strength of my influence and relationship with the lender.

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