Acquiring a mortgage on a £2.1million London property for a UAE national


Many of our cases come from foreign nationals looking to invest in property in the UK. People turn to Enness because of our wealth of experience in dealing with these cases. I referred a couple from Dubai to the London office who were looking to secure a 60% loan to value (LTV) on a London property worth £2.1million. The husband was based in Dubai, while his wife was based in England as a full-time student. She therefore had no personal income, so the couple wished to purchase the property with her husband’s funds, but in her name.

Typically, acquiring a £1million loan for a client with no income would be tricky, but the couple were referred to Enness by an outside contact of mine who knew that Enness would be able to assist.



The benefit of Enness having several global office locations means that we have the ability to overcome case complexities that cross international borders.

While private banks have higher rates than high street lenders, they also have much wider flexibility when dealing with complex cases. The London team was able to secure the clients’ desired 60% LTV at a 3.45% 5-year fixed term rate with a well-known UK private bank. We also referred the client to Enness’ insurance team where we also arranged general insurance and life insurance for them, therefore providing the client with three excellent services.


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