90% LTV for a First Time Buyer in 2 Weeks

Securing a mortgage at 90% LTV for a first time buyer is fairly unusual, and turning it around in 2 weeks is even more so.

My client first came to Enness through an introducer, who thought we might be able to help in a tricky situation.

He was a first time buyer, looking to purchase the property he’d been renting from his current landlord. First time buyers generally have to fulfil certain criteria; for example, they have to have been in their current job for a certain time period.

My client was in his late 20s, and was building a career in the IT sector. He had, however, been with his current employer for less than 6 months, which was going to be a problem for most lenders.

The other issue was the high loan to value (LTV) he was looking for, relative to his income. To qualify for the 90% he wanted, we needed a lender to use a high income multiple during their affordability checks.

My challenge was therefore to find a lender who not only had no requirements regarding minimum time in employment, but was also prepared to take a generous view of the income of a first time buyer in issuing the mortgage.

At Enness we have access to, and leverage with, an incredibly broad panel of lenders. With cases like this, it is a huge advantage for our clients, as scouring the market from top to bottom is the only way to achieve the best possible terms.

It also means that we are able to get cases turned around very quickly, as we know exactly who to approach and are usually able to speak directly to the decision makers. In this instance, and in spite of the obvious difficulties, I managed to secure an offer for my client in just 2 weeks.


I managed to secure him a mortgage at 90% LTV, on a 2 year fixed deal at 2.64%. The terms I secured mean his monthly mortgage payments are almost exactly the same as the amount he had been paying in rent already, making it an easy transition.

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