Securing 100% loan to value mortgage on an £8.75million St Tropez property


Key figures:

€8.75million property in St Tropez

€5million invested as assets under management

100% loan to value (LTV)

1.58% for 5 years fixed


The client:

We are proud to say that many of our clients return to us due to our world-class service. One particular client came to me having completed a mortgage deal with my Managing Director a couple of years previously. This gentleman was a UK client who worked in finance and was very savvy in this field.


The property:

The property was a beautiful villa in St Tropez worth €8.75million.


What were they looking for?

He was looking for a 100% loan to value (LTV) mortgage. Considering France’s substantial wealth tax, it is common for high net worth individuals (HNWIs) to seek 100% LTV interest-only mortgages on French property.


Why was it difficult?

My client had an international job, meaning that he had an irregular income structure and was paid in multiple currencies. This can present issues for lenders.


What was the process?

I secured an offer of 100% LTV with €5million to be invested as assets under management (AUM) in order to commence a private banking relationship.

It was agreed of the €5million invested, €3.5million would be pledged for the duration of the loan. Depending on my client’s appetite to risk, the bank was able to offer a range of funds for the assets to be invested into.


The solution:

I was able to secure a rate of 1.58% fixed over 5-years, with interest paid quarterly. This arrangement worked very well for him considering his income structure, and I was delighted that Enness had now successfully served this client twice.


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