100% Development Finance


development finance. He was, however, a high net worth individual who owned over £6 million worth of assets which were only 20% geared. He came to me as he already owned an unencumbered site in Greater London with planning permission granted for 6 houses and 4 flats. The Gross Development Value (GDV) of the site was £4.6 million and my client needed to borrow £1.6 million against it in order to secure 100% development finance. The reason that my client had been finding it tricky to secure this was because he could not demonstrate much development experience. This is typically absolutely necessary if you are looking to raise 100% development finance as lenders are far more willing to lend to an experienced developer with a portfolio to prove his success, rather than someone starting out. Furthermore, a request to raise 100% development finance is particularly hard to cater as a lot of lenders are uncomfortable with this level of exposure – especially the higher the figure, the higher the risk. If you are seeking 100% development finance then it is certainly advisable to explore your options with a broker as they will be able to reassure the lender about the positive prospects and potential for the property.


I recommended we structure the proposal as a joint venture with a builder/developer as I knew some lenders who would be happy to consider 100% development finance if they could see a builder’s successful portfolio and reputation in their field. I was then able instantly discuss this case with a lender and have receive preliminary approval within a matter of hours; securing a 7% borrowing rate for 100% development finance over 12 months – this sum completely covered all funding and costs, which my client was obviously delighted with. Speak with Enness]]>

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