Capital Allowances

If you own a commercial property, furnished holiday let or a buy to let with multiple unrelated tenants in the UK, you can make deductions from the overall corporate or income tax on its profits; these sums of money are called capital allowances.
Our trusted partners can help you determine whether there are unclaimed capital allowances in your qualifying properties.  


Property capital allowances represent a tax relief based on the purchase price of the property which is available to all of the above individuals under legislation in place since 2001. For example, if you renovate your business premises – and it’s located in a disadvantaged area – you will be able to claim back capital allowances.

You can also claim capital allowances on items you purchase for use within your business, such as business cars and equipment etc., deducting either all or a portion of the value before you pay tax.

When running a business, ensuring you are maximising your profits is important for the ongoing growth of your venture. You might not be aware of certain policies in place to protect some of the profits, so speak to Enness and we will put you in touch with an expert advisor on the subject, who will help you to retain your hard earned profits.


Enness has the expertise to ensure the most appropriate finance is sought for your commercial property and, beyond that, make sure you are knowledgeable about your responsibilities.

As such, Enness works with a network of trusted partners across a range of sectors, including specialist property tax advisers. Our expert brokers will discuss your case and direct you to an advisor who can advise you on your capital allowances eligibility, ensuring you are equipped to maximise your purchase and ongoing business.

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