Residential bridging finance Bridging loans have historically been perceived negatively, with punitive interest rates. However, in recent years this has been overturned and bridging finance has become a popular product with an important part to play in the property market. There are a number of reasons a bridging loan might be ideal for your circumstances; you may need to complete a transaction in a hurry, or need to buy a property before selling your previous home. High value bridging finance High value bridging loans are also available for loans of £1million and above but this is a specialist and technical market. The high value bridging finance market is highly fragmented so it’s important to seek advice before going down this route. Commercial bridging finance Bridging finance can also be sought for a business or for investment into mixed-use property. Commercial bridging finance can be useful for a number of purposes; acquisitions, refinancing, management buyouts, portfolio deals, planning, refurbishment and capital release. There are no comparison sites for borrowers to use so it’s important to speak to a broker who can advise you on the possibilities, pitfalls, opportunities and risks involved in commercial bridging finance. International bridging finance International bridging offers a solution for clients who require short term finance on overseas property transactions, but the majority of borrowers aren’t aware of it as an option. The most common reason for international bridging loans is to release equity in the short term – for example, whilst waiting for a property to be sold, or to fund renovation work – something which is rather uncommon in Europe. Furthermore, lending across jurisdictions and legal systems is perceived as a challenge and the valuation process can be slow overseas. As such, we work with trusted valuers who understand the intricacies of how valuations are written across different jurisdictions and can value your property anywhere in the world. Whatever your bridging finance requirements, our team of bridging finance brokers can advise you on the most beneficial solution for your circumstances.]]>