High value bridging finance


The high value bridging finance market is highly fragmented and that’s were we come in. At Enness, we excel in this sector. We have all the contacts and experience to help our clients, regardless of how large or complex the loan they require is.

Unlike other dedicated bridging finance brokers, we won’t just look at your requirements from a narrow position. Unlike other mainstream brokers, we see very large transactions all day every day.

Knowing which lenders lend at which levels is one of our main strengths; we understand that certain banks have an appetite for a particular class of property, and can use this knowledge to our clients’ advantage.

Our reach, calibre and experience allows us to speak to lenders from across the board, from high profile bridging lenders to discrete unknown private banks (think a price range of 2% per annum to 1.5% per month). We can also call on hedge funds, peer-to-peer lenders and private individuals.

Some specialist lenders have minimum loan amounts, ranging from £1m to £20m. These are the most competitive in the marketplace in terms of pricing when it comes to larger loans. They also tend not to advertise, being private individuals or small family offices.

We will negotiate, cross-charge assets, minimise risk and, crucially, always have one eye on your exit.