Q&A: Why you should buy now and where to invest in London in 2017

Before joining Enness, Darya worked as a Move Consultant for a luxury London estate agent, where she gained an extensive knowledge of the London property market. She has over 9 years of high end sales experience and is currently training as a mortgage broker in the Client Services Executive team. In just under 2 months at Enness, Darya has generated the most leads for the company every week and earned a reputation as our top-performing Client Services Executive.

What is involved in your role?

The Client Services Executive team are the first point of contact for all clientele and we ensure the utmost professionalism and due care with everyone we speak to projecting Enness’ values at every interaction. Our role is to source opportunities for our clients using an extensive knowledge of the high net worth market and the wealth of services offered by Enness. Whilst generating business, I also build up a relationship with my clients by keeping in touch with small reminders, follow ups and relevant information so that clients do not miss out on the best opportunities and understand that Enness are with them throughout their property finance journey.

What have you learned about the housing market from Enness and your experience working in the property sector?

London is, and will always be, a highly desirable place to live and the growth here is tremendous. Since World War II, the London property market has doubled every ten years, and in certain up and coming areas the figure is maybe double that.

The main lesson I have learnt during my career so far, is that regardless of what the market is doing, London house prices will continue to rise, yet people often make the mistake of hesitating to buy because they are waiting for the London property bubble to burst.

Why do you think people hesitate?

Whether it’s interest rates, changes in the government, new stamp duty charges, or even Brexit, there will always be something that causes people to hesitate when it comes to buying property.
But regardless of these factors, London remains a highly desirable place to live and work, and prices continue to rise. London will remain a global business hub because our time zone allows us to work with the rest of the world throughout our working day, making it a particularly good place for international business. In the morning, we trade with Asia, at night, with America, and during the day, we’re trading with Europe. London therefore becomes a huge investment opportunity for all professionals, and a desirable place to have offices – and that’s not even taking into account the pull factors of London outside of the office.

Why buy now?

Interest rates are at the lowest they’ve ever been since the Bank of England introduced the rates in 1694. The base rate at the moment is 0.25% which is unheard of, and it is not sustainable to have rates this low, so they will eventually go up.

Restrictions in lending have made it harder to borrow, but this has also led to more sensible investments. With interest rates at their current level, there are also much better deals for large mortgages now than ever before. This is why more and more people are coming to Enness to revaluate their options when it comes to selling, upsizing and remortgaging.

What is the most luxurious or desirable place to live in London based on your property market experience and expertise?

High net worth clients usually stick to certain postcodes like Chelsea, Knightsbridge, and the King’s Road. However, I have noticed that newer generations are increasingly interested in multimillion pound properties in places like Battersea, Clapham and Balham.

These young professionals are looking to get more for their money, and as a result they are dramatically raising the profiles of up and coming areas. In 5 years’ time, these are the types of clients that will become the CEO’s of companies; where these people are living now will become the new High Net Worth areas.

Just look at Notting Hill: 25 years ago high net worth clients would not consider living there, and now it is a super prime residential district, and one of London’s most exclusive addresses.

Why do you think places like Battersea will mirror this pattern?

People’s views of certain areas are changing and ultimately they want to get more for their money. The 10-minute commute between Chelsea and Battersea can mean a property 3-4 times the size, with Battersea Park on your doorstep as a bonus.

Furthermore, transport is much better and new areas are becoming even more desirable to live and work in.

Battersea Power Station’s £9billion redevelopment is a great example of this. Their luxury apartments are selling for millions , and there is even going to be a new Northern Line tube station in the Power Station Park’s town square. Tech giant, Apple, are moving their London headquarters to the building and taking up 40% of its available office space. Battersea is about to become a prominent new destination and I think this is a great indication that London will continue to be a leading and highly desirable city for business and investment.

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