Using An Offshore Trust Or Limited Company

Here at Enness, we know all the tricks of the trade. Buying a property using an offshore trust or limited company is sometimes more efficient than buying in a personal name.

We have strong relationships with many lenders who are open to this type of lending, and can structure the mortgage in the UK or overseas based on your personal requirements and the advice you have received.

So long as we can get full details on the ownership structure, satisfy the lender as to the reason for this type of mortgage, and the jurisdiction is acceptable to them, the lending terms should be similar to the terms you would receive using a personal name.

For high net worth non-domiciled individuals we can arrange all of the mortgage (or sometimes 100% of the purchase price) to be domiciled offshore, saving you from having to remit funds into the UK.

Some lenders will require a personal guarantee, some will ask for a debenture over the companies assets and some will ask to set up or manage the structure. We know the market inside-out and we will find the most suitable option based on your circumstances. Once you’re happy, it will be arranged with minimum fuss. Efficiency and transparency are our watchwords.

Our advisers are always happy to discuss using an offshore trust or limited company structure. Give us a call at your convenience on the number above, or send us an email.

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